Livonsaaren yhteisökylä in brief

We are an ecovillage located in the countryside, in the coastline of southwest Finland. The word ecovillage means an intentional community that aims to sustainable and more natural lifestyle, sharing of resources, voluntary work for common good, and active social life. This ecovillage is 10 years old. We are now about 30 adults and 13 children. Every year more people join and start a new life here.

We own 66 hectares of land together, on which we build houses mainly from natural materials, using partly traditional and partly advanced and experimental methods. About 10 residential houses have been completed, plus many are in construction, plus we have many communal buildings.

We have a non-profit co-operative garden that produces a wide variety of organic vegetables that mostly go to customers in the nearby city, Turku. There are many other small businesses here, including construction, agriculture, a bakery, and practitioners of traditional alternative healthcare, to mention a few.

There are enthusiastic and skilled people here who devote much of their time to serve the community. However, generally the people who live here are not required to take part in working for the community, and people have their privacy and run their own economies.

The literal translation of Livonsaaren yhteisökylä is ”community village of Livonsaari”. We are a small village inside a village. Livonsaari is the name of the island we are located on.

We can receive visitors and volunteer workers, but we cannot always guarantee that there is someone available to host you. In case you want to visit us, write e-mail to <info> (replace the space with @) or call one of the people mentioned in the Finnish contact page.