Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is an EU-funded program through which young people 17 to 30 years can do voluntary work in a foreign country. The EVS funding covers accommodation, food, insurance, pocket money, and most of the traveling costs.


Livonsaaren yhteisökylä has offered EVS volunteering opportunities as a host organisation since 2012. We have had total of 15 EVS volunteers from ten countries. The volunteering periods have varied from five to seven months.

Possibility to apply for the 2017 project is now

Our 2017 EVS project is five months: from the beginning of June until the end of October.

This year we can accept people from these four countries: Poland, Germany, UK, and Spain. One participant from each country.

Read the description pdf (link below), contact our sending partner and apply now.

How is EVS in Livonsaaren yhteisökylä

Detailed description of the 2017 project: Livonsaaren yhteisökylä EVS project 2017 (pdf)

The volunteers work for the community 34 hours per week from Monday to Friday, and they will get 10 days of vacation in addition to free weekends. The volunteers will receive a pocket money of 125 euros per month in addition to accommodation, food, necessary traveling, and other necessities.

So far our EVS volunteers have among other things taken part in cultivation of vegetables in our organic garden cooperative, taken part in maintenance, renovation, and development of our communal buildings, helped in building new houses, participated in making firewood, cooking, cleaning, creating big and small events, promoting the ecovillage in a variety of public events, and hosting our visitors. We expect that our future volunteers will be doing similar tasks and possibly an even wider range of tasks.

The volunteers live and work mostly with the people of the ecovillage, on its land and in its buildings. Our own land is 66 hectares. The immediate surrounding area is peaceful countryside on the island of Livonsaari, on which some 300 permanent residents live. The nearest town is Naantali 22 km east, and the nearest city is Turku, 35 km east. Turku is one of the bigger cities in Finland. Our ecovillage is connected with Turku in many ways. Its cultural life has much attracted our volunteers, and we support their connections with the city. We have a car for our volunteers.

Read this carefully if you are interested in applying to us later than for this year’s project

In case you find our EVS opportunities intriguing and would like to spend the warmer half of the Finnish year with us, please take care that you understand some basic concepts of our EVS projects before you contact us:

First, our projects always begin in spring and end in fall. We require from all our applicants that they would be willing to join the project when it starts in spring and stay with us all the way until the project ends, usually in the end of October.

Second, the perfect time to apply to us is usually during the previous winter. We will state the application deadlines on our pdf description (see above) or here on the website or both. So please take a look at the project description in pdf. From there you can also find the e-mail address to contact us.

Third, when we write our EVS funding application, we already then have to know who our partner organisations in different countries will be. These partner organisations are also called sending organisations and they take care of the volunteer before the volunteer comes to our place. So you will have to be in contact with the sending organisation before you contact us. After we have selected our partner organisations for the next project, we cannot any more consider applicants who don’t live in the country of the partner organisation. So please do not send your application to us if you don’t have a proper connection with our partner organisation in your country of permanent residency. But when do we choose our partners? That’s a good question, and we don’t necessarily know the answer. Usually we try to do that during September, before the October deadline of EU funding applications, but sometimes we haven’t had time to do that then, and then we’ll try to do it in the following winter.

We unfortunately don’t have enough resources to announce our schedules of the coming EVS project personally to people who have inquired about our EVS possibilities. At some point we just announce here who our partner organisations are and when the correct time window is to send applications.