We are located on the island of Livonsaari, in the back country of the municipality of Naantali, 22 km west from Naantali town and 35 km west from the city of Turku. There is a bridge to this island.


Common buildings and their addresses

Addresses to our three main buildings:

The old school: Pohjanpääntie 49, Naantali
Ylitalo: Toivastenrantatie 33, Naantali
Alitalo: Pohjanpääntie 67, Naantali

Description of the common buildings:

In the olLivonsaari school building there is a common living room and a guest accommodation room and a sauna in the basement. There are also private apartments and other private spaces in the school. The building does not serve as a school any more. We call it the school because it once was a shcool.

Ylitalo is a lovely log house from the 19th century. There is another common living room there and a common kitchen and a separate sauna building on the yard. Also in the Ylitalo house there are private residential spaces.

Alitalo is a residential house that is mostly private spaces. Often many temporary residents and some permanent residents live there. The house hosts our communal laundry room. On the yard there are different summertime possibilities for guest accommodation: a yurt and a hut with two rooms.

In addition to those buildings we have a traditional ”smoke sauna” by the sea. The address to the smoke sauna is Huhtakarintie 120, Naantali.

During the first months of 2016 we will complete a new communal hut that will be located in a forest with a view to the sea. It will a very simple hut for anyone who wants to sleep overnight. It will have sleeping space for a few people side by side and a small stove for heating.

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Post address

Livonsaaren yhteisökylä
Pohjanpääntie 49
21180 Livonsaari