Bus connections

The island of Livonsaari and Livonsaaren yhteisökylä can be reached by bus within two different systems: Monday to Friday by the Turku region public transport system (Föli) and on Sundays by buses of Vainion liikenne.

From towns to Livonsaari Mon-Fri (Föli buses)

There is a direct connection from Turku to Livonsaari Mon-Fri once a day (bus 203, departure at 16:25) plus a couple of other bus connections, which involve change of buses in Naantali.

Bus line 203 (Turku central market square-Naantali-Merimasku-Livonsaari-Velkua):
Departure on Turku Market Square (platform T7 in front of Burger King) at 16:25
Stops at Naantali bus station 17:00
Arrives at 17:39 at Livonsaari bus stop

Bus lines N5 and N6 from Naantali bus station to Livonsaari on school days:

Bus line N6:
Departure at Naantali bus station at 12:40
Arrives at 13.13 to Livonsaari bus stop

Bus line N5:
Departure at Naantali bus station at 15:20
Arrives at 15:59 to Livonsaari bus stop

Naantali can be reached from Turku by buses 6 and 7 (departures from platform T7 in front of Burger King). Departures are usually every 10 minutes.

Bus stop in Livonsaari

The nearest bus stop to Livonsaaren yhteisökylä is called Livonsaari bus stop. It is located at the Pohjanpää junction, at which also the local shop (Livonsaaren kyläkauppa) is located. From the bus stop walk along Pohjanpääntie road for half a kilometer, and you will arrive to one of our main buildings, which is the old school of Livonsaari on the right.

The information below is under construction, and it’s from Google translate.

Livonsaari from Monday to Friday (Föli buses)

Livonsaari offers a direct connection to Turku from Monday to Friday in the mornings (line 203, departure 6.25) and after a couple of other bus service, which will replace the car.

Line 203 (Velkua- Livonsaari- Merimasku- Naantali- Market Square):
Departure Velkua Teersalo 6.25
Livonsaari stop approximately 6.31
Naantali bus station 7.07
Arriving at Turku Market Square around 7.40

Livonsaari Naantali city center can be reached on school days from the internal Naantali Online N5 and N9 + N2 and N6 Tuesdays line:

Departure Velkua Teersalo 7.00
Livonsaari stop approximately 7.10
Arriving at the Naantali bus station around 7.46

N9 + N 2:
N9 output Velkua Teersalo 7.52
Livonsaari stop around 8:00 am
Change for the bus, or get off at the stop Merimasku Taattistenjärventien approximately 8.17
Replace the bus stop about N2 Taattistenjärventien 8.37
N2 arrives at the Naantali bus station around 8.47

N6 (Tuesdays only):
Departure Velkua Teersalo no earlier than 10.15 (waiting for contact from the beginning)
Livonsaari stop around 10.26
Arriving at the Naantali bus station around 11:00 am
N6 leaves Teersalo no earlier than 10:15, or where the ferry has become a port in accordance with the schedule. The ferry can be badly delayed eg. Due to strong wind and when the bus leaves the same amount of time.

There are still iltapäivälähtöjäkin Livonsaari school days, but they can be reached only up to Merimasku, which does not make sense to continue contact city:

Departure Velkua Teersalo 13.25
Livonsaari stop around 13.37
Also visit the North Head, on the way back log Tika stop about 13.45
Arriving Merimaskun school around 14.05

Departure Velkua Teersalo 14.30
Livonsaari stop around 14.41
Also visit the North Head, on the way back log Tika stop about 14.47
Arriving Merimaskun school around 15.05

About Föli bus traffic

All of the above lines include the Turku region public transport Föliin, which operates in Turku and its surrounding municipalities. A single ticket costs € 3 and it has a 2 hour changeover time.

The above timetables are valid until 04/24/2016.

Specifically mobility opportunities Fölillä can explore Foli-route guide.

Online Folin can not Livonsaari, and out on Saturdays and Sundays.

Vainio traffic on Sundays

On Sundays Livonsaari can be reached from Turku, so that goes to a new city bus, and Lemu gateway to a place called changed Teersalo (ie Velkua) outgoing bus:
Check-in Turku bus station, pier 7, 14.45
The stink of the gate, get off and change the car, around 15.13
Departure gate Lemu 15.15
Arriving Livonsaari 15.40

On Sundays Livonsaari’s Turku Vainio transport by car, so that Lemu gateway to a place called exchange of Turku outgoing bus:
Departure Velkua Teersalo 16.30
Livonsaari stop 16.35
The stink of the gate, get off and change the car’s oin 17.05
Arriving in Turku 17.40

Vainio transport fare is according to recent data have been EUR 9.30.

Timetables can be found at http://www.matkahuolto.fi/. Fill in the fields for example. Turku and Livonsaari.