EVS-projekti päättyy

Viiden kuukauden rupeama EVS-vapaaehtoisten kanssa päättyy virallisesti tänään. Tässä kaksi juttua kesän kokemuksista: paikallislehti Rannikkoseutu ja KVT:n nettisivut.

Tässä Celinen kokemuksia Suomessa viettämästään ajasta:

After my studies in France, I felt I had to learn more, not in the school but I would like to live more practical adventures. I chose EVS to learn by doing, travelling, discovering community life and improve my English.

Livonsaari was a really good adventure where I could live in a new country, Finland, for 5 months.

Every day was different – sometimes cooking, sometimes in the field, work with different people: natural painting and plastering with Outi, bathroom and kitchen with Inkeri, reed work with Esa, clay walls with Simo and Sanna, Veikko and Heidi…

We were two EVS volunteers this year. We had an own project, to move and fix a yurt. It was not easy,  and sometimes discouraging but finally we made it. And I think, we learned a lot of working together, using different kind of tools and sewing machine.

During free time, there was always something to do. I practised different activities this summer, like archery, yoga, contact improvisation, massage… And the Sauna, more than an activity! It is a relaxing and talking moment every second day. Now, difficult to imagine the life without. It can seem hard to live without hot water but for me it was more exciting to change totally the habits and sauna is much better than a shower.

EVS-program allows also travels during weekends and holidays. We had also trainings with other volunteers in Finland to share experiences and have new friends.

What about now, I choose to stay one month more in Finland after my EVS to take time, a kind of transition moment. Now I know that I will come back in France with energy and strong of so many experiences.

Ja vielä Txellin sanoin:

EVS. Finland. Ecovillage. Five months ago, before my EVS project, all of these topics were unknown for me. Now, after this period in Finland, where I was living in an ecovillage and doing my EVS, they have another meaning for me.

EVS. Maybe there is somebody who doesn’t know the meaning (European Volunteer Service). But, this is just the name of the programme. Behind this a big experience and a lot of experiments are hiding. During my EVS, besides the opportunity to travel in another country, live and work there and know a new culture I met others EVS volunteers. With all of them I could share my experience and also we tried to resolve any kind of problem which could appear. We met several time to teach, to learn, to share and to have a good time together.

Finland. Suomi. Sauna. Puu. Tuli (not tuuli). Silence. Järvi. Keskiyön aurinko. Quu. Hyvä ruoka. Finland likes me more than I expected. I am from the south of Europe where we have a big diversity of landscapes, old towns, a strong wine and food culture, warm days and people who talk and talk! So, it’s extremely different from Finland. The huge Lapland, the war stories against Russians and Swedish, the calm and perfect landscapes, the long sunsets from the lake, the peaceful in the streets, the entertained and funny saunas…. these are some of my good memories about Finland which I will bring with me!

Livonsaari. Ecovillage. Commun life. Biomaterials. Organic fields and garden. Permaculture. Renewable energy. Wild animals. Berries. Tradition. Handcrafts. Knowledge. Tolerance. Volunteer work. Tervetuola! In my point of view, these are some of the topics which describes better the life in Livonsaari, therefore all that I could learn, join and practice. Of course, my experience would have been very different without ”Livonsaari people”. Some of them companied me during my volunteer work, others teached me several and different life stuff and with some others we spend free time together.

Definitely, I was so lucky to join in this project, which gave me the possibility to learn so much new things in company with very interesting and nice people.